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Show You Care is a charity which supports the children living in The Himalayan Children’s Care Home, Pokhara, Nepal. It is 1 of 42 children’s homes there!!
The children’s home was founded and is run by Lama Pasang, a Tibetan Monk, who works tirelessly to raise funds and sponsorships for the children, in the hope of giving them a better education. His vision is to give them a chance to be independent, to survive in the outside world and enable them to find employment when it is time for them to leave.

There are over 50 children in total ranging from 5 – 14 years in age. I was privileged to spend time with the children and Lama Pasang, helping where possible, and I have to say it was a most humbling experience to see the caring, loving, gentle nature and happiness of them all, with what we would describe as very basic facilities. No hot water, drinking water being collected from a central tap in the area with an allowance of GBP 1.35 per week per child for food!!
Help make their lives better by showing you care.
Judy x

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